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good mental health

What does it mean to have good mental health? We could say that everyone is more or less well from a mental standpoint, with variations coming from every day events, change, getting older etc.

Regardless what we call it, whether it’s mental wellbeing, happiness or simply being content, all these notions indicate a sound mental standpoint.

When it comes to physical health, we all want to be healthier, more energetic and better looking.

We need that energy, to feel healthy, strong and balanced, to have a healthy diet and to be the best physical version of ourselves that we possibly can.

We’re all aware it’s not that easy to stay in perfect shape, especially if we have very busy lives with jobs and family that take up a lot of our time. But we know we must strive to achieve that physical health we need to live longer and better lives.

This should be no different for mental health. If we are weak mentally, we certainly need to work on that just like we would work on our body. Let’s look at what makes one have good mental health.

Good relationships are a must, for us to feel happy, accepted, integrated, with a wide network of family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances.

Giving is as important as receiving, we need to cultivate our connections and help others to help ourselves. Having better relationships makes us happier.

Challenging ourselves on different fronts is also crucial to our mental wellbeing.

We need to develop and grow on a daily basis, because the world is ever evolving.

You never stop learning, and you should definitely not be afraid of change – change is normal, and being able to adapt and stay receptive is key to keeping up with the world and those around us.

It will help strengthen our self confidence, giving us peace of mind.

Composure is the next trait of a person with strong mental health.

Composure is about balance in our lives and the ability to control our thoughts and emotions.

It means we are able to analyze everything objectively and teaches us how to better act in certain situations, rather than have knee jerk reactions.

Composure can also mean faith, as with fate you can develop peace of mind and a connection to whatever you believe in. When you are mentally strong, you’ll benefit from an inner strength of mind and spirit that will support you along the way.

Developing our character will aid us in living through our various experiences and learning something from each one of them.

Our personal stories are unique to each individual, so you’ll always experience things no one else does. We can be the hero of our story, so let’s choose to do that instead of being the villain.

Our personal values should be nurtured and cared for, while being perfectly aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

Having character means you are able to learn from mistakes, from accomplishments and success at the same time, while always growing from each of these experiences.mental illness

Lastly, a sound mind is a creative mind.

Even as we grow older, we should never lose that sense of creativity and childlike features of our mental health.

When we are young we are naturally more prone to being creative, fun, outgoing, adventurous.

As we develop and grow, we might sometimes forget these traits or ignore them.

Instead, we should always challenge ourselves to be creative and do fun and spontaneous things, as these will eliminate frustration from your daily routine and will help build that strong mental health you want and need.

For example:..

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This can have a great impact on a person’s personality.

Mental Health – Symptoms and Therapy Treatment

Now let us understand the importance of mental health for every individual. Also understand what causes mental health disorders and what the problems and solutions might be in such a case.

Usually we see people avoid getting help for depression or mental disorders.

The reasons vary, but usually it’s because of the stigma that surrounds mental illness, people are embarrassed to admit they have this problem.

This is both wrong and dangerous, as with any type of disorder, it is completely normal and natural to require help.

In the complexity of today’s society, where we are bombarded with a ton of possible issues, it is important to keep our mental stability, and seek treatment if we feel depressed or mentally drained.

There should be no embarrassment whatsoever when your wellbeing is in question.

Let us take an example. We have someone very rich that owns large properties in California, also an expensive yacht, a fleet of super cars, a private jet and whatever their heart desires.

That doesn’t mean this person can’t experience depression or mental disorder, anxiety or personal struggle.

We often believe that riches solve any problem, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A popular example is Howard Hughes who basically pushed everyone away later in life because of his untreated depression. The key mistake is not seeking help.


So what exactly causes mental disorders?

Mental Health Disorders are caused due to a variety of reasons.

An individual can experience a mental health disorder for the first time due to a tragic event, long term neglect or abuse, a genetic pre-disposition to depression, or even a brain disorder that is medical in nature.

The results vary widely and may need a professional to help diagnose and treat, but the most common mental health issue is depression and is experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

Those with a genetic pre-disposition to depression or another affective disorder like bipolar disorder, will have multiple incidents and usually require some form of treatment.

The reasons can vary greatly from patient to patient.

One can experience such a mental disorder after losing a loved one, after suffering from some form of abuse, losing their job, their relationship/marriage, or even finding out about a medical condition.

The most common form of mental disorder that results is depression, something most people experience at least once in their lifetime.

Depression can also be genetically transmitted, so if you’ve had someone in your family who suffered from depression or bipolar disorder, you might be more predisposed to them as well.


The dangers of mental health disorders

When left untreated, a mental health disorder can severely damage one’s concentration, self confidence, energy, morale and self esteem.

Someone suffering from depression will most likely become less socially active, less eager to go out and interact with anyone, with a tendency to shut everyone out and suffer in silence.

This can often lead to even greater depression and development of really dark and paranoid ideas. Someone going through such an experience needs not to be pushed away, but encouraged, talked to, always kept close, always shown love and care.


Who can be affected?

As most people will suffer from a mental disorder at least once in their life, it is safe to say depression is quite common. It can even happen from alcohol or substance abuse and PTSD.

The ones who end up being affected are not just the patients, but the people surrounding them as well, like family and close friends.


how to treat mental disorders

How can we treat mental disorders

The best way to do it is always to seek professional help.

Just like you’d go to a doctor for anything else, never be embarrassed to admit you may have this problem.

You can stop it and treat it before it becomes something more serious, so don’t hesitate.

See your doctor, talk to a therapist/psychiatrist, and also talk to your family.

Keep them close and share your feelings with them, you’ll find that they’ll be more than supportive.

You can’t go at this alone, nor should you.

You may not need medication to treat your mental disorder, but if your doctor prescribes it then it’s likely a good idea.

Don’t let the stigma around this concern you, you need to focus on you, your happiness and wellbeing. Get better, seek help, get treated!

Healthy Living For Better Mental Health

A cool new study in the UK has uncovered that basic adjustment to your diet and way of life can have major impacts on your mental health.

In most cases, making small correct changes will lead not only to better physical health, but also mental balance and inner peace.

This will work for depression, anxiety and even bipolar disorder.

Who thought you could actually eat your way out of these problems? Not to be confused with comfort eating however, we’ll explicitly show the difference and right foods to ingest.


mental wellbeing

Drink Water

First things first, enough with the sugary drinks, the cola’s the Dr.Peppers, the Mountain Dew’s.

It’s time to drink water and stay hydrated throughout our day.

Somewhere between 8 to 10 glasses of plain water is recommended, as this will cleanse your body, will quench your thirst while keeping you energized at the same time.


Eat Lower Amounts Of Sugar

They put sugar in anything nowadays and we really need to be careful with what we eat. Eating too many foods high in sugar can make us fat, and that can lead to depression.

Even if you work out, if your diet contains a lot of sugary foods you won’t see much progress, leaving you exhausted and frustrated at the same time.

This can drain you mentally and lead to depression, so avoid it.

Check labels of everything you buy and try to cut down as much as you can. You can still have a little now and then, as cutting it completely isn’t recommended either.


Nuts and seeds

These are high in B3 and other nutrients and proteins, also let’s not forget Omega 3.

You can also find a good amount of selenium in brazil nuts. All of these coupled with zinc and magnesium will make you healthier and mentally stronger.

You can roast them, or even toast them under the grill, you can use them in salads, low calorie deserts, in breakfast cereal and even in soups.

Find recipes that include nuts and seeds and both body and mind will profit.


Eating The Right Meat

White meat is the best but you can also have red meat occasionally, just don’t over do it.

There is a lot of protein in meat, and with regular exercise you’ll give your body or the required nutrients to function better both physically and mentally.

Also make sure not to forget fish, like herring, salmon and mackerel as they will give you a much needed dose of B12 which is crucial to your regular diet.

Cod and tuna have B6 so they should be on this list as well.

Fruit And Veggies Are a Must

Best rule of thumb with fruit and vegetables is go for as much variety and colour as you can and to also make sure that dark green leafy vegetables are eaten every day.

When talking about which fruits and vegetables to eat, a general rule of thumb is to look for variety and color. Avoid potatoes as much as possible, and eat delicious salads (skip the dressing) all natural all healthy.

Follow these tips to achieve not only a healthier figure, but a strong mental presence and balance as well!


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